Malta Farms is a faith based sober living facility  that assists men with their transition back into the community. These men typically come from addictive lifestyles and neglect.   We offer them a safe place to experience the transforming power of the Lord. We are a 501c3 program, however, the ministry is funded by business run within the program along with the gifts of generous donors. Our hope is to see our men fully restored to their Maker and to their families. This process takes place when a man encounters the Living God.  


Chadd and Brandi Everett

The Everett Family started volunteering at Malta Farms in 2004. In 2006, they felt called to come on board part time and work alongside the staff of Malta Farms.  As the Lord was moving on the heart of the director to potentially move into the mission field, Chadd and his family had quit their full time jobs and officially became full time staff.  In 2008, Kent and His family left the farm to enter into full time mission training with Antioc MI. The same year, Chadd and Brandi stepped into the role of Director at the ministry.

Jacob and Erin Moncrief

Jacob found his way to the farm in 2016.  Jacob came through the program as a resident.  As he drew near his time to enter into the work phase of the program, the staff at Malta offered him a position as a staff member.  Jacob is the current operations manager here on the farm.  God has fully restored him and his family and now they are a thriving part of this ministry.


Forester Family

After several years of volunteering and leading classes at the county jail, Kent Forester began to notice a need. Many inmates who had been released would immediately return to previous lifestyles; They had no safe place to go where they could establish a firm beginning. Kent then started to house men and minister to them upon their release. Unfortunately he could not provide housing for more that a few men, so he looked into starting a legitimate ministry. After discussing a potential site for the ministry with Kent, a local business owner agreed to provide the majority of the finances needed to purchase the property.

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