Malta Farms is a faith-based facility that provides men with the environment and the tools they need to be successful in Christ.  Our goal is to guide these men to truths that secure a solid foundation and equip them with the tools to face the everyday challenges that life throws at them.


The length of your stay would be 9 months.  The program is split into 2 phases. During the first phase(6 months) men will spend the first half of their day in a classroom environment. Morning classes follow a planned schedule that implements various teachings on Christian principles. Teaching is split into sections, these include class lectures, book study, and personal study times.  The second half of the day is fulfilled in a working environment.  Our men will fulfill tasks on the farm as well in town. 

Student Handbook

A copy of our student handbook is accessible through the printable link below.


Click the Link below to download or print an application for admission to Malta Farms. Once the application is form is completed, enclose the document in an envelope and mail it to our address to be reviewed.