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Malta Farms is a faith-based facility that provides men with the environment and the tools they need to be successful in Christ.  Our goal is to guide men to truths that secure a solid foundation, and equip them with the tools to face the everyday challenges that life throws at them.

Our Dorms

Here at Malta Farms our dorms are all equipped with everything for a comfortable and clean stay. From our kitchen where hearty and blessed meals are cooked, to the bedrooms where rest is key in each day of prayer, ministry, work and relaxation.

We strive to accommodate each disciple in their journey with God.

The process toward building the dorms has been all in good faith and hard work.

Lone Mountain


The total duration of our program is twelve months. The program is split into two phases. The first phase is nine months in duration. During this phase the resident will spend the first half of their day in a classroom environment, while the second half of the day is spent doing various jobs in a working environment. The morning classes are focused on topics, such as, addictions, trauma, emotions, and financial literacy. All of these topics are taught using important Christian principles.


The ninth month is a transitional time for the resident. During this month the resident will begin to focus on job searches, applications, and preparing to enter the work phase. At month ten the resident is in the final phase, the Work Phase. The resident will have found employment and will be earning, and saving, their own money. While in the work phase this is an opportunity for the resident to save money, purchase a vehicle, search for a place to live, and make wise plans for their re-entry into society. 

Student Handbook

A copy of our student handbook is accessible through the printable link below. This presents all guidelines, structure and schedule while at the Farm.


Click the Link below to Submit or Print an application for admission to Malta Farms.

Once the application form is completed you can Submit The Form, Scan It or email it to You May Also enclose the document in an envelope and mail it to our address. 

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